Project 3, Research: Outdoor Advertising Solutions

As a means of offering context, my concept for a solution is to create a digital signage solution that makes use of the sensors integrated in the Arduino Uno board to control the outputted messages and displays, based on factors such as temperature and time of day.

As such, my first area of research was to look at the Outdoor Advertising industry in the UK, which are responsible for the paper and digital displays that many of us see throughout our daily lives. Some of the key companies of focus for this are JCDecaux, Clear Channel and Primesight.


JCDecaux is a French multinational advertising company which specialises in large-scale advertising for various UK and International based companies including Samsung, Huawei, Dior and H&M. They specialise in large, multiscreen advertising displays, as well as more traditional standalone screens.

A JCDecaux M-Vision Display at Eldon Square, Newcastle

Additionally, they have also expanded into interactive touch displays, particularly in Shopping Centres where they are able to provide additional customer information and interactive experiences (through the integration of a customer centre map for instance).

Clear Channel

Similar to JCDecaux, Clear Channel also specialises in similar large-scale display solutions featured nationwide, particularly in commerce and large foot-fall regions (such as supermarkets and city centres).

An example of a display featuring the Clear Channel Connect service

However, a feature launched in 2013 called Clear Channel Connect, provides an added layer of interactivity to the digital signage experience. This allows users to either scan a QR code, or tap an NFC reader to interact with an advertiser’s brand through a mobile device.


Finally, another key company in the Outdoor Advertising industry of the UK, is Primesight. Again they specialise in print and digital advertising, however, also take a key focus in areas such as Cinema with interactive advertising – to better engage customers.

An example of an InLink display, which features advertising screens, a public telephone as well as free Wi-Fi.

A key example of Primesight bringing a more interactive and connected experience to users is through their partnership with BT and Intersection in the form of InLinkUK. InLinkUK is a project to replace ageing BT Telephone boxes with the new InLink devices that provide dual screen targeted advertising displays, free Wi-Fi, free phone calls, local maps and information, as well as USB Charging Ports.

Overall, this segment of my research process has proved rather useful in allowing me to be able to gain an insight into the potential opportunities and angles to approach the task at (aiding in the creation of my final prototype solution). Additionally, it is clear to see that an integrated and interactive solution will prove engaging and worthwhile to end-users – therefore contributing to the success of the final product.

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