The Amazon Alexa Redesign is a Design Concept which aims to address key end-user concerns with the Alexa App by offering a practical and feasible design solution.

About this Design

The story behind this design journey stems from my own as well as other user experiences from using the app associated with the Amazon Alexa Smart Home System. Myself, as well as other users discovered through research, felt that the app was confusing and poorly designed (with many options hidden or obscured) alongside having very little use once a user had set up their Alexa devices.

As such, I felt this app had great potential to be redesigned to better meet the needs of its end users.

Approaching the Task

To ensure my designs best met the needs of my end-users, it was essential to delve into key design processes (as reflected in my documentation below). This ideation included:

  • Evaluating existing apps and their interfaces
  • Investigating customer reviews of the existing Alexa app
  • Performing user research activities (such as card sorting)
  • Creating personas and scenarios
  • Establishing user flows, wireframes and sitemaps
  • Conducting user testing

The Final Project