ManHealth is a County Durham based peer support group for men designed to help and support individuals who are in need.

This was a group project involving myself as well as Sam Cadwallader and Darja Kudrjavceva.

Who are ManHealth?

ManHealth are a local organisation dedicated to running support sessions in order to offer peer support to men who are in need in the local area. The organisation was founded by Paul Bannister back in 2017. Since the start of the organisation, the number of support groups have expanded exponentially across the region, with over 10 different groups now being run regularly by group leaders.

The Brief

From this expansion, ManHealth understood that there was a great need in terms of keeping all of the members connected and supported outside of peer support sessions. The following key requisites for an App-based solution were established.

  • For Paul and his team, being able to keep in contact and check-up on members regularly was valued – particularly for those who miss multiple sessions.
  • An appropriate and accessible resource for individuals in crisis to be able to access mental health support, containing information such as telephone numbers, information guides and advice from other members.
  • A means of being able to reach out to other members when in crisis as well as allowing members who want to offer their time to support others, the ability to do so.
  • A safe and secure solution to provide a safe space as well as to protect the privacy of all users of the app.

Approaching the Task

The design process we undertook as a group is detailed in the Design Document below, however, as a summary we made use of the following key stages in order to fully meet the needs of the brief:

  • Research – Independent research of ManHealth leaders and members was conducted in order to assess the key requisites for a solution.
  • Personas & Scenarios – These were developed to allow us to fully understand the uses and situations which the app would need to account for.
  • Wireframing – This allowed us to be able to plan page designs, features we aimed to include as well as establish colour schemes and other formatting requirements.

The Final Project

Design Documentation

Content by Sam Cadwallader, Matthew Howell and Darja Kudrjavceva, Formatting by Matthew Howell

Interactive Prototype

Interactive Prototype by Matthew Howell


Video by Darja Kudrjavceva