This app has been designed for use by South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College’s Film Department, to provide an interactive learning environment to help enrich students’ studies.

The Brief

For this project, the task at hand was to devise an accessible revision resource for students that can also be accessed by staff in the Film Studies department. The project needed to incorporate various methods of knowledge testing, access to module information and cloud storage access. The inclusion of such features was vital in order for the solution to prove useful and to facilitate the integration of the app into a learning environment.

Approaching the task

In order to ensure the solution was effectively able to fulfil my client’s needs, a prior consultation took place to investigate both client and user needs from the solution, through a questionnaire and interview process. This allowed for an effective proposal to be developed with direct targeting towards the intended demographic of the app – hence increasing the success of the solution.

The Final Product

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At the end of the development of this app, the client has now been provided with a prototype solution of a potential deployable app. Various choices such as using the web-based MIT App Inventor 2 software allows for client-side modification, as well as Dropbox cloud integration provide my client with an easy way to amend the content on the app and commission updates. Finally, this solution also provides them with an opportunity to trial the solution before a full-scale implementation into the department.

You can click here to download the APK of the app for your Android-based device.