IKEA are a Swedish-based company renowned for their Flat-pack Furniture and Swedish Meatballs.

This design fiction concept takes a look at how the future of the IKEA store experience could be enhanced and built upon thanks to advances in Digital Signage and Artificial Intelligence.

About this Design

This design fiction takes inspiration from existing IKEA Family kiosks and takes it to the next level in order to provide a new level of customer engagement that works throughout the store.

Initial Concept Sketches of the IKEA Kiosk

This idea focuses around developing not only new kiosks but also integrating camera and sensor technology throughout the store to collect data on customer’s shopping habits in order to be able to recommend various other products and services offered by the company.

This data can then be used with the kiosks to offer shopping list recommendations and promote relevant offers, so customers are less likely to forget products when they leave the store, providing an enriched user experience and increasing customer retention.

An example of a promotional poster of the IKEA kiosk