The Wolds TSA is an East Yorkshire organisation which helps new teachers get straight into a classroom environment, providing them with the tools and support needed to succeed.

The Wolds TSA is an educational organisation based in Melton, East Yorkshire that is dedicated to providing high-quality training and expertise to prospective training teachers. As a part of upcoming changes being implemented to their website and marketing strategy, they requested the production of three videos to promote and aid their online presence.

The Brief

Myself and two other sixth form students were asked to produce three video testimonials (one each) to showcase the experiences and opinions of three participants who had each previously trained to teach with the Wolds TSA. In order to create a successful final solution, the resulting video needed to incorporate various camera angles, appropriate brand identification, as well as relevant content to effectively represent the organisation.

Approaching the task

To help ensure the success of the final product for the client, communication was vital to ensure that all individuals were aware of their roles in relation to the task. This took place through collaboration throughout the filming and editing stages, which allowed us to ensure that relevant stylistic choices and changes were made ubiquitous across all three final videos. Overall, collaboration proved imperative to ensuring that the deadlines for the project were met and that no stages were overlooked throughout the process.

The Final Product

At the end of production, our group had managed to create three testimonial videos that proved effective in fulfilling our client’s needs and expectations for the project. These videos were greatly appreciated by the Wolds TSA, who intend to use them in their future updates to their website.