Menobliss is an East Yorkshire based business dedicated to providing women with the tools they need to enjoy a healthy, happy menopause.

The Brief

For this business, various new solutions needed developing in order to help support the brand strategy and needs of the Managing Director. This included a website (to provide a reliable and trustworthy online presence for the company), social media accounts (to help attract new custom and further the knowledge of the company, connecting Menobliss with its customers), and various video projects to both help promote the business and also to provide a complementary 20-minute exercise DVD to customers (to help further their progress).

Approaching the Task

To ensure the solutions that were implemented would prove effective, various discussions took place to ensure that services such as the website and the social media presences would not only provide all of the relevant information needed for customers, but would also allow for future expansion as the business begins to expand and grow.

For the website, I chose to develop the system using Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017. This helped to provide a usable WYSIWYG editor, which provided the ability to not only easily update the content, but also it didn’t restrict what my client could do with the site (a particular need given the implementation of more complex features such as online video – functionality which many site builders would not be able to accommodate).

For the videos, the final products were developed using iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. These software packages aided in the easy creation of client requested features such as inter-titles and also helped to reduce the time frames required by speeding up the efficiency of the overall project.

The Final Project

Currently, Menobliss has been provided with various promotional videos, a vital Social Media presence and a flexible website solution. This business is also currently considering making further modifications and additions to help them as they continue to expand and grow over the next year. To view the finished website, you can click here.


After the first year of success with their solutions, Menobliss reapproached me in 2018 to request a redesign and restructure (in order to make way for new content thanks to the business’ expansion). With the added knowledge I gained within the year from experience, this allowed me to better meet newly established needs for the business – such as having a mobile optimised presence using WordPress.