As part of NE1’s regeneration project of the Bigg Market area in Newcastle, I was tasked with creating a new corporate identity and online presence for a possible business in the area.

About this Design

This proposed brand identity and website takes the focus of an Artisanal family bakery as inspiration for the various digital and physical assets I have designed. These include:

  • A functional prototype website
  • Logo Designs and Variations
  • Business Cards
  • A stationery set (including Letter Templates and Envelope Sets)

Approaching the Task

In order to ensure that my solution was suitable and appropriate for the assigned brief, a thorough research and ideation process took place and has been explored in the design documentation (listed below). This has included conducting Competitor Analysis, establishing Personas and Scenarios as well as Wireframing.

Thanks to this, I was able to better understand the needs and requisites of my target audience (which in-turn influenced my overall designs and iterative design process).

The Final Project

No. 24 Bakery: Design Documentation

No. 24 Bakery: Design Guidelines

No. 24 Bakery: Prototype Website Example